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Shared Hosting – Why is this not a thing?

I love one-click installs and easy certificate management. I love easy-to-use management panels and quick and painless service integrations. I love how everything is included in my plan I already purchased. All these things are part of the modern-day “Shared Hosting” experience. These things don’t exist for a VPS.

What I want is the choice of web technology though. I don’t want to be stuck with just PHP. Give me some Node.js or some Python. I want to be able to have multiple sites with the option of multiple technologies – all under the same plan.

Why is this not a thing?

Wirelessly Controlled USB Missile Launcher on iRobot with Arduino (Files)

I. Introduction:

The purpose of the final project was to allow us to put the information we learned in class to practical use through a project. We decided to choose a project that would challenge our ability to solve problems and ultimately prove to ourselves that we actually did learn in EE360 this semester. We chose to attempt to gain remote control of an iRobot Create with a USB Missile launcher mounted on it. The project turned out to be quite a challenge but we conquered the problem in the end.

Download files: http://idzr.org/o9tn

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Remove Wilber in Gimp 2.6

Gimp 2.6 just came out. It is an improvement over 2.4 but bugs still need to be fixed.

Anyways, run the following to remove Wilber (the fox) where the toolbox menubar used to be:

echo "(toolbox-wilber no)" >> ~/.gimp-2.6/gimprc

in the command line.
The creators don’t like this, but the image is a waste of space.

ASUS VK222H 22″ Monitor

Update: Review!

I just purchased a ASUS VK222H 22 inch widescreen monitor from newegg.com.

I was also looking at the SCEPTRE X22HG-Naga but the ASUS has HDMI and a built in web cam for only $20 more. With the mail in rebate the ASUS VK222H was only $200. The reviews for the ASUS monitor have been OK so far, the main complaint is about the web cam – which I won’t use anyways. There have also been reports about LCD bleeding and washed out colors (which was usually fixed by adjusting settings). I will provide a full review once I get it. Right now anything is better than my 19″ monitor with 500 dead pixels.