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Play PS3/xbox with PC monitor and speakers for under $10

I recently bought a PS3. I do not own a TV, only a computer monitor so I needed to figure out a way to hook my PS3 up. Below is what I am currently using and hopefully you all can find this guide useful.


  1. HDMI to DVI cord

    Alternative: Standard HDMI cord and HDMI to DVI adapter
  2. Female to Female 3.5mm audio
  3. RCA to 3.5 Audio Converter

  4. Xbox 360 Cord


If you own a PS3, you do not need to buy the Xbox 360 Cord (#4). If you own an xbox you do not need to buy the HDMI to DVI cord (#1) if you buy the Xbox cord (#4). The RCA to 3.5MM audio adapter (#3) and the 3.5mm female-female (#2) are for audio and are optional if your speakers support RCA input. Most monitors do not.

For the PS3, you use the HDMI to DVI cord to plug that into your monitor. A HDMI to VGA cord will not work as it is not digital. Also, make sure your monitor is HDCP enabled – most are.
Use the standard cables that came with your PS3 for audio. If you do not have speakers with regular audio input then that is where #2 and #3 come into play. Plug #3 into the standard audio cables (color coordinated), then plug #2 into that. You can then plug your headphones or other speakers into that. The layout should look something like the following:

If things do not work right away you will have to adjust the settings. Go to display settings on your PS3.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is similar to the PS3 instructions. You can try the same thing as the PS3 or buy the official Xbox 360 to VGA cord (#4). This has the audio built in the cord which is really nice, however it isn’t a standard like HDMI.

Hope this helped everyone. Let me know if you have any questions.

Asus VK222H 22″ Monitor Review

Last weeks ago, I anounced that I bought an Asus VK222H 22″ Monitor from Newegg. I got it 3 days after that posting – record shipping (good job Newegg!). You can now get this monitor for $179.99 after mail-in-rebate ($20 less than it was one weeks ago). I have yet to recieve my rebate from Asus.

At first I tried to setup dual monitors. That is a little tricky in Ubuntu so I quite trying to do that. Make sure  you backup your .xorg fie. I have a nVidia grapics card so it wasn’t so hard to set up just the Asus monitor. Just make sure you enable your graphics card (System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers) because for some reason it disabled itself. I will try to set up the dual monitor again later in the year.

Once the monitor was setup correctly, it was great. I love the HDMI connection (even though I haven’t used it yet). It will let me play my new PS3 once I get it. Some of the reviews on Newegg said that there was LCD bleeding – there is.  The bleeding is only noticeable on a dark background on the top and a little on the bottom.  The response rate is also very slow.  My 19″ monitor loads the screen faster than my new Asus. This might be because when you turn on the monitor, it shows an Asus splash screen instead of the image you want to see – you desktop. I have not used the web cam but there is no audio input so there is little purpose in doing so.

For those on a budget, the Asus VK222H is a great buy with its different connection options. For serious color-lovers or fans of darker screens (for games) you may want to check into something else though.

UPDATE: Webcam driver support it terrible. If you buy this for a webcam – don’t. The webcam should not be listed as a feature beacuse it does not work.

ASUS VK222H 22″ Monitor

Update: Review!

I just purchased a ASUS VK222H 22 inch widescreen monitor from newegg.com.

I was also looking at the SCEPTRE X22HG-Naga but the ASUS has HDMI and a built in web cam for only $20 more. With the mail in rebate the ASUS VK222H was only $200. The reviews for the ASUS monitor have been OK so far, the main complaint is about the web cam – which I won’t use anyways. There have also been reports about LCD bleeding and washed out colors (which was usually fixed by adjusting settings). I will provide a full review once I get it. Right now anything is better than my 19″ monitor with 500 dead pixels.