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Shared Hosting – Why is this not a thing?

I love one-click installs and easy certificate management. I love easy-to-use management panels and quick and painless service integrations. I love how everything is included in my plan I already purchased. All these things are part of the modern-day “Shared Hosting” experience. These things don’t exist for a VPS.

What I want is the choice of web technology though. I don’t want to be stuck with just PHP. Give me some Node.js or some Python. I want to be able to have multiple sites with the option of multiple technologies – all under the same plan.

Why is this not a thing?

DreamHost Now With Unlimted Space!

If you have a DreamHost account you can upgrade for free in the Web Panel.

If you actually VOLUNTEER to be one of the first moved to the new system
your account will be “upgraded” to unlimited disk and bandwidth, forever.
Of course, it’s not like you’ll use it, and it’s of course subject to our
“unlimited” policy. If you do decide to do it, you’d be a damn fool to
not read the caveats listed there and *follow them*.

Damned fool if you do, gonna get moved eventually anyway if you don’t.

You can find information about the unlimited plan over at DreamHost.com. If you do not have DreamHost, signup and get an account.  To make this deal even better, use one of my promo codes for an even bgger discount!

Code Description Created Active?
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Please note the dates of the promocodes, some are old and don’t work as described. I can make more upon request.
I also have 5 invitations:

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DreamHost Invitations! 4x the Disk/Bandwidth

Of course, you don’t NEED an official invitation to sign up, but here are 4 invitation codes:


By using these codes your will get all these super special advantages not available any
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  • You will get four (4) times the normal disk and bandwidth!
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  • Are way better than regular promo codes.. but are in very limited supply!

If you use these codes you agree to not be active in fraud/spamming/illegal activities.  If you are I loose these nice invite codes. Please post the code you use too so other people do not use it. Thanks.

Use the 12-digit code in the “Promo
Code” field when you sign up at:


Have fun! I got 5 but I am going to use one… ;) If these are gone you can search for my other promo codes by using the search box.