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Invalid Toolchain on El Capitan

I was having trouble submitting an app using the latest beta version of El Capitan.

Invalid Toolchain. New apps and app updates must be built with the public (GM) versions of Xcode 6 or later, and iOS 8 SDK or later. Don’t submit apps built with beta software.

So first, archive your app. In Xcode Organizer, right click your archive and reveal it in finder. Right click the now-revealed archive and click show package contents. Then go Products > Applications > Right Click your app and show package contents again. Now, the magic begins. Find your info.plist file. Open it in Xcode, and locate the line that says “BuildMachineOSBuild”. Alter the string from whatever it is to “14F27”. This is the Build ID for Yosemite. Safe the file, and now you should be all set to sumbit!



Photo Booth Alternative for Windows = Video Booth

I love the simplicity of Photo Booth.app but I was having a hard time finding a replacement for Windows. The included software with any webcam/laptop is always very bloated. Then I found Video Booth. It is very similar to Photo Booth. The best part is that it is free if you complete a trial pay. Alternatively you can refer 10 people and get the software for free as well. If you don’t want to do any of that, it only costs $25.



Video Booth is a great addition to any Windows PC. It is very simple to use and does everything you need. It makes photos and video unlike similar Photo Booth clones.I highly recommend it.