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How to play the real original Pokemon (or any Game Boy) games on your TV (or on the go)!


1. Buy a Hyperkin SUPABOY Portable Pocket SNES Console

2. Buy the Super Game Boy cartridge. 

3. If you don’t already have output cords you can buy some here.

4. If you don’t already own Pokemon, you can buy the Game Boy games here.

5. If you don’t want to play with the bulky SUPABOY, I recomend buying extra SNES controllers.

6. Enjoy!

Replace iPhone Back Glass for Less than $10

I recently broke the back glass of my iPhone. I wanted to replace and I knew if I went to Apple it would be insanely expensive. So I decided to do it myself. It was really simple. 

I purchased my back glass from here. It was nice because it came with the screw drivers needed to take the back off. There are even cheaper glasses on Amazon though.

  1. iPhone 4 Back Glass Assembly Complete with Frame Black & Tools
  2. Verizon Iphone 4 Back Cover Housing for Verizon Wireless, Black Glass Battery Door, Replacement Back Housing with Flash Diffuser, Chrome Ring and Interior Frame and Free Star Shaped 5 Point Screwdriver
  3. Replacement Back Glass Complete with interior Frame, camera lens, flash diffuser, chrome ring, wifi signal strip.
  4. Can’t find the right back for your phone? Search on Amazon! Be careful you buy real gorilla glass. If you don’t the back will crack more easily. OEM parts are recommended but more expensive.

If the replacement back you purchase does not come with tools you will probably need to buy some. Look at the bottom of your phone. If the screws are in a cross shape (+) then you will need Silverhill Phillips Size #00 Screwdriver for Iphone but if they are in star shape, you will need Pentalobe Screwdriver for iPhone 4.

Turn your phone off and unscrew the screws. If they are starting to strip, use a rubber band to help give you some leverage. 

Once the screws are out, slide the screen up about 2mm and take the back off. Replace screen and rescrew in. 

It is that easy!

Here is a video if you are confused: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByM-29Ta3jU

Play PS3/xbox with PC monitor and speakers for under $10

I recently bought a PS3. I do not own a TV, only a computer monitor so I needed to figure out a way to hook my PS3 up. Below is what I am currently using and hopefully you all can find this guide useful.


  1. HDMI to DVI cord

    Alternative: Standard HDMI cord and HDMI to DVI adapter
  2. Female to Female 3.5mm audio
  3. RCA to 3.5 Audio Converter

  4. Xbox 360 Cord


If you own a PS3, you do not need to buy the Xbox 360 Cord (#4). If you own an xbox you do not need to buy the HDMI to DVI cord (#1) if you buy the Xbox cord (#4). The RCA to 3.5MM audio adapter (#3) and the 3.5mm female-female (#2) are for audio and are optional if your speakers support RCA input. Most monitors do not.

For the PS3, you use the HDMI to DVI cord to plug that into your monitor. A HDMI to VGA cord will not work as it is not digital. Also, make sure your monitor is HDCP enabled – most are.
Use the standard cables that came with your PS3 for audio. If you do not have speakers with regular audio input then that is where #2 and #3 come into play. Plug #3 into the standard audio cables (color coordinated), then plug #2 into that. You can then plug your headphones or other speakers into that. The layout should look something like the following:

If things do not work right away you will have to adjust the settings. Go to display settings on your PS3.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is similar to the PS3 instructions. You can try the same thing as the PS3 or buy the official Xbox 360 to VGA cord (#4). This has the audio built in the cord which is really nice, however it isn’t a standard like HDMI.

Hope this helped everyone. Let me know if you have any questions.

Legal (and Free) Music Library

With todays musictechnologies no one has to go without music.  MP3 players are very cheap now and CD players are practically given away – you could find anyone of the devices for around $20 or less. Getting a music player is not at all difficult.  Getting legal music doesn’t have to be either.  Their are many alternatives to peoples favorite illegal methods (limewire, thepiratebay, mininova, etc;).  Some cost money and other are free; all of them support the arts.

One of the most popular methods of downloading digital music is iTunes. iTunes offers over two million tracks and counting for only 99 cents. Some of their tracks are also DRM-free.  They also offer a multitude of other media solutions (video, podcasts, etc;).  I however strongly encourage you NOT to use iTunes. There are much better alternatives in the market and the artists only get roughly 15-25% – I have heard that the average is 7 cents per track.  Also you do not own the song, you basically just ‘lease’ it.

amazonmp3 is a popular alternative to iTunes. They have about the same number of tracks but they are cheaper! Only 89 cents fper song. They have a multitude of album prices.  I saw one album for only $1.99. The best thing about amazonmp3 is that ALL of their songs are DRM-free and compatible with iTunes. Sadly, I could not find out how much the artists gets per track (enlighten me if you find out). If you like big labels and live in the USA use amazonmp3.

Magnatune is an independent music retailer. You can download of license the music. There is no DRM and everything is CD-quality with a bunch of formats to choose from.  They also let you share the music after you buy it for as low as $5. On top of that the artists gets 50% of all sales. The only downside I saw, which I am not sure if it was magnatune’s fault of the artists, was that the album I purchased notesSurfacing by Roots of Rebellion (rr44). Please comment if you download so I can take the link down after three.

Jamendo is the perfect place for artists.  Jamendo supports six different languages so they attract people from all over the world.  They have over 5,500 artists who all use Creative Commons licences. All of their songs are DRM-free and cost nothing. If you do choose to donate the artists makes nearly 100%. Jamendo takes about 80 cents per donation of five dollars or more for bank fees and service charges. They also give 50% of its advertising revenues to the Artists who opted for the Program ‘Revenue Sharing’.

You can have a music collection of legal music that doesn’t cost you a penny. However, if you like a band, please donate to support their music.