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framework not found in xcode and using a private api


Open up /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/{sdk}/System/Library/PrivateFramworks
and drag the framework you need into your project.

No more mach-o errors!

How to properly hook into an instance variable with theos

 cell = [[[%c(SBSearchTableViewCell) alloc] initWithStyle:(UITableViewCellStyleDefault) reuseIdentifier:@"dude"] autorelease];
 float &secWidth = MSHookIvar(cell, "_sectionHeaderWidth");
 if (secWidth) {
    secWidth = sectionHeaderWidth;

Not the %c to get the class and the & in front of secWidth. This makes sure you are getting a reference.

How to set up Priority Inbox to view archived mail

  1. Go to the priority inbox settings tab.
  2. Click the options next to the section you want to show your work mail.
  3. Click “More Options…”
  4. Inspect the element for the “Work” Label
  5. You will notice on the surrounding div there is an attribute cfg=”^all,Work”, change the value to “^i,Work”
  6. Select the label on the page as you normally would
  7. You will know if it worked or not straight away because the section settings should now read : Inbox, Work instead of the All Work that it used to read.

Here is a list of alternative commands you can use:

^i = Inbox
 ^u = Unread
 ^io_im = Important
 ^t = starred
 ^f = sent
 ^r = drafts
 ^all = All mail (include archive)

You can chain commands together with a comma.

ie. ^i,^u,Work = all emails in your inbox, that are unread with the label “Work”.

From: http://webapps.stackexchange.com/a/17646