Debug command line input with IDA Pro

While attempting to debug a program that had fget with stdin I was having a hard time actually typing the input in. This is done automatically with GDB and I assumed IDA would have it too. Sadly it does not. If you want to enable it though you will have to run IDA from the command line. Sadly you will have to jump between the IDA GUI and the terminal.


cat | idaq

How to properly hook into an instance variable with theos

 cell = [[[%c(SBSearchTableViewCell) alloc] initWithStyle:(UITableViewCellStyleDefault) reuseIdentifier:@"dude"] autorelease];
 float &secWidth = MSHookIvar(cell, "_sectionHeaderWidth");
 if (secWidth) {
    secWidth = sectionHeaderWidth;

Not the %c to get the class and the & in front of secWidth. This makes sure you are getting a reference.