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Viewing Your Linux Partition in Windows

If you are using Windows XP or Vista and have Linux you may be wondering where your Linux partition is. Most likely it is not showing up in My Computer. This is because most Linux partitions are formated in Ext2/3. Windows does not recognize this type of file system. If you have a floppy/thumb drive that is formatted in this way, it too will not show up.

The solution is FS-Driver. Installation is very simple. Download then run the executable in Windows. The set-up menu (above) should look very similar to your operating system’s own partition manager. Select your partition and drive letter and then you will see your Linux drive in My Computer. I suggest that if you have a separate partition for /home that you just use that.


Creating Keyboard Shortcuts in Gutsy

There are a few ways to create custom keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 but I found the following way the easiest. This guide will explain how to make gnome-do, a launchy and Microsoft/Vista/Instant Search type tool, a keyboard shortcut at Alt+Space.

Install Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm) in Add/Remove…(Applications -> Add/Remove…). Restart.

Run Settings Manager (System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Effects Settings). Click on General Options (General -> General Options). Click the Commands tab. Type your command. For example type gnome-do at Run Command Line 0.

Click Actions tab. Expand Commands. Under key, t your command line number, click disabled and press your shortcut. For example press Alt and space to make a shortcut that runs on Alt+space.