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Play PS3/xbox with PC monitor and speakers for under $10

I recently bought a PS3. I do not own a TV, only a computer monitor so I needed to figure out a way to hook my PS3 up. Below is what I am currently using and hopefully you all can find this guide useful.


  1. HDMI to DVI cord

    Alternative: Standard HDMI cord and HDMI to DVI adapter
  2. Female to Female 3.5mm audio
  3. RCA to 3.5 Audio Converter

  4. Xbox 360 Cord


If you own a PS3, you do not need to buy the Xbox 360 Cord (#4). If you own an xbox you do not need to buy the HDMI to DVI cord (#1) if you buy the Xbox cord (#4). The RCA to 3.5MM audio adapter (#3) and the 3.5mm female-female (#2) are for audio and are optional if your speakers support RCA input. Most monitors do not.

For the PS3, you use the HDMI to DVI cord to plug that into your monitor. A HDMI to VGA cord will not work as it is not digital. Also, make sure your monitor is HDCP enabled – most are.
Use the standard cables that came with your PS3 for audio. If you do not have speakers with regular audio input then that is where #2 and #3 come into play. Plug #3 into the standard audio cables (color coordinated), then plug #2 into that. You can then plug your headphones or other speakers into that. The layout should look something like the following:

If things do not work right away you will have to adjust the settings. Go to display settings on your PS3.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is similar to the PS3 instructions. You can try the same thing as the PS3 or buy the official Xbox 360 to VGA cord (#4). This has the audio built in the cord which is really nice, however it isn’t a standard like HDMI.

Hope this helped everyone. Let me know if you have any questions.

Call of Duty: World at War First Look

This week the Call of Duty (COD) team just launched a brand new COD website and trailer for the upcoming game Call of Duty: World at War.  As most of you should know the new game will not be made by the same COD4 team, Infinity Ward. Treyarch is taking over the game this time and they say that they will stick to the same formula as COD4. However, the game is back at World War II.  I personally liked COD3 but COD4 had some very amazing features like the ranking system and weapon management that just can not go away. The new game will have some new feature to impress people though. It will have four player co-op and an impressive physics engine.  You will be able to climb up trees, burn people alive, and people react to every shot fired. It looks like it will be a great game. Treyarch has 2 years to prove to the world that they can be better than Infinity Ward.  They are known for their single player and they have a good base for multiplayer thanks to Infinity War.  Lets see what they can do.

Game Rundown: To Buy or Not to Buy?

In this each mini review I will tell you whether you should buy or not. I have chosen the best  three games that are worth buying. If you are low on cash this review is great for you. If you do not like reading, scroll down to the bottom and look at the recap. Before I start this post I would like to point out that I own a Xbox 360. I do not own a PS3 or a Wii, therefor most of these games will be for the Xbox 360. Also all of these games will be coming out late 07 or early 08 if they are not already out. I will try to break it down between a Buy, Rent, and Don’t Bother rating. Continue reading

.CSS {border: Lost Planet;}

CSS is cool but man it is a pain. The hardest thing I have yet to figure out is 100% height and a certain navigation. I am making a new layout for twodayslate, it will be almost the same as the last but a better navigation and a different header. I should finish most of twodayslate this Street Scences break. Be prepared for a special invite just for people who come to this blog. Lucky you!

I still have not started my PHP stuff, which is quite sad becuase I said I would start it two weeks ago. T_T I am going to start soon….

I love Lost Planet, I am level 10 online. I am planning to get to level 100 by the end of this break too. My gamer tag is G0RAK for those of you that want to play me. My favorite weapon is the hand grenade and the machine gun. It is really weird though, everytime I play I get 7th place. No matter what, even if I get first in the game. I hear if you play fugitive and you are the host you automatically get 4000+ points or something like this.

If you noticed I have all my tags on this post, so just maybe I will get a couple more hits. ;-)


The PS3 might not be looking so hot on the market now, but I predict that it will sky-rocket in the near future. If you look at its features from a glance, it is the best system out there, but that is at a glance.  You will see that their online will be better than x-box but currently it is a work in progress. For one, it is free so you are saving lets say $50 and it is in real dollars and not virtual money to make you seem that you are getting it for free. Their blue-ray player is built in, which is a big downside since blue-ray might not do so well, but you do not need to buy a $200 add-on unlike the 360. The games might look the same as the 360 now, but wait until next year and it will blow the 360 away. The controller is motion sensor, so that is a plus but it has no rumble. The Ps3 also has a web broweser so you can look at porn while fragging a friend.

If you break it down, the xbox is the same amount as the PS3.

Xbox 360 Platnium Edition ($400) + xbox live ($50+) + HD-DVD ($200) + HDMI cable (about $10) + anything else I am missing?= about $660

PS3 60GB ($600)+ HDMI cable (about $10) + anything else I am missing?= about $610 and you get 40gb more of space to save games, movies, etc; and a much faster system.


The PS3 only compition is the xbox 360, but the main competion is between blue-ray and HD-DVD. I think neither will win but that is just me.

PS3 is loosing in the short term but they will win in the long term, unless microsoft releases a new system to blow sony away!

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet is going to be one of the coolest games of the year.  Lost Planet is a riveting sci-fi action shooter for the Xbox 360. Set within the merciless frozen tundra of a hostile planet, humans struggle for survival as conflicts arise between man, the surrounding indigenous creatures and the monstrous beings that have invaded.

Lost Planet is a third person shooter and I love it. I have downloaded the online vesion and teh E3 demo in the xbox live market place and it is the best thing I have downloaded for free all year.  I love the grapling hook and the sniping.  This game is going on my Christmas list!

Top 10 Queerest Video Game Characters

I was reading the the October issue of Electronic Gaming and they had an article on the gayest video game characters of all time. Here they are:

10. Raphael Sorel

9. Birdo

8. Zangief

7. Juhani

6. Don Flamenco

5. King of All Cosmos

4. Major Ivan Raidenovitch

3. Hana Tsu-Vachel & Rain Qin

2. Pierre and Gerard Magimel

and the queerest character of all!

1. Tingle – Zelda Series     Tingle

“You have to admit, Tingle made quite a questionable impression when he first floated into the Zelda Franchise in 2000. Being a 34-year-old-man-child who longs to a fairy doesn’t exactly help, either. And if htat weren’t fruity enough Tingle is now set to star in his own RPG in Japan entitled Tingle’s Fresh-Picked Rose-Tinted Rupee Land. Hell, it does not get much gayer than that. And while Tingle may not swe doll clothes or have a crotch-grab move, I think we can all agree he is rightfully the gayest character in videogames.” — Fruit Brute,

Read the magazine for more of the descriptions.

Xbox 360!

I got it today! I have not really played it (5 minutes) but my brother already broke one of the games. That was NBA. He is a retard. I still have to set it up (online).

I have 7 games. COD2, Ghost Recon, Golf, Plane Game, Boxing, This M game,  and otherone i do not remember