Shared Hosting – Why is this not a thing?

I love one-click installs and easy certificate management. I love easy-to-use management panels and quick and painless service integrations. I love how everything is included in my plan I already purchased. All these things are part of the modern-day “Shared Hosting” experience. These things don’t exist for a VPS.

What I want is the choice of web technology though. I don’t want to be stuck with just PHP. Give me some Node.js or some Python. I want to be able to have multiple sites with the option of multiple technologies – all under the same plan.

Why is this not a thing?

5 thoughts on “Shared Hosting – Why is this not a thing?

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    Switched away from They recently switched to cpanel and have a hard limit of 5 for the domain aliases. Now using; npm is installed by default.

    You can easily find a 30%+ coupon code for them

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    Apparently CPanel has all these things now. Plesk doesn’t have Python support. Both are owned by the same company now and it seems Plesk might focus on Windows and Cpanel on linux. I might have to switch to Cpanel but the $15/mo license is brutal… seems like the best deal for a 2GB VPS and Cpanel license for $360/2 years – so $15/month – which is only a little more than I’m paying now.

    I keep hearing more about kubernetes and docker. Plesk has docker support. Cpanel has it but it is a paid extension.


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