Replace iPhone Back Glass for Less than $10

I recently broke the back glass of my iPhone. I wanted to replace and I knew if I went to Apple it would be insanely expensive. So I decided to do it myself. It was really simple. 

I purchased my back glass from here. It was nice because it came with the screw drivers needed to take the back off. There are even cheaper glasses on Amazon though.

  1. iPhone 4 Back Glass Assembly Complete with Frame Black & Tools
  2. Verizon Iphone 4 Back Cover Housing for Verizon Wireless, Black Glass Battery Door, Replacement Back Housing with Flash Diffuser, Chrome Ring and Interior Frame and Free Star Shaped 5 Point Screwdriver
  3. Replacement Back Glass Complete with interior Frame, camera lens, flash diffuser, chrome ring, wifi signal strip.
  4. Can’t find the right back for your phone? Search on Amazon! Be careful you buy real gorilla glass. If you don’t the back will crack more easily. OEM parts are recommended but more expensive.

If the replacement back you purchase does not come with tools you will probably need to buy some. Look at the bottom of your phone. If the screws are in a cross shape (+) then you will need Silverhill Phillips Size #00 Screwdriver for Iphone but if they are in star shape, you will need Pentalobe Screwdriver for iPhone 4.

Turn your phone off and unscrew the screws. If they are starting to strip, use a rubber band to help give you some leverage. 

Once the screws are out, slide the screen up about 2mm and take the back off. Replace screen and rescrew in. 

It is that easy!

Here is a video if you are confused:


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