DreamHost Now With Unlimted Space!

If you have a DreamHost account you can upgrade for free in the Web Panel.

If you actually VOLUNTEER to be one of the first moved to the new system
your account will be “upgraded” to unlimited disk and bandwidth, forever.
Of course, it’s not like you’ll use it, and it’s of course subject to our
“unlimited” policy. If you do decide to do it, you’d be a damn fool to
not read the caveats listed there and *follow them*.

Damned fool if you do, gonna get moved eventually anyway if you don’t.

You can find information about the unlimited plan over at DreamHost.com. If you do not have DreamHost, signup and get an account.  To make this deal even better, use one of my promo codes for an even bgger discount!

Code Description Created Active?
PBGUNTRADER “Max Discount” 2008-06-13 yes
PBGUN “Max discount and 1 domain and IP” 2008-06-13 yes
MAXMONTH “Max discount for monthly plan” 2007-04-04 yes
1CENT “$0.01 Discount on any plan” 2007-04-04 yes
1IP70DISK “+70% Bonus Disk & IP” 2007-04-04 yes
2DOMAINMAX “Two free domains and discount” 2007-04-04 yes
TWODAYSLATEMAX “Max discount on any plan!” 2007-04-03 yes
TWODAYSLATE97 “Get $97 of yearly or two year L1” 2007-03-31 yes

Please note the dates of the promocodes, some are old and don’t work as described. I can make more upon request.
I also have 5 invitations:

  • Are each good only one time!
  • Up our plan features to 2TB disk and 20TB bandwidth!
  • Give $150 off a 5-year signup or $200 off a 10-year signup!
  • Are way better than regular promo codes.. but are in very limited supply!

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