ASUS VK222H 22″ Monitor

Update: Review!

I just purchased a ASUS VK222H 22 inch widescreen monitor from

I was also looking at the SCEPTRE X22HG-Naga but the ASUS has HDMI and a built in web cam for only $20 more. With the mail in rebate the ASUS VK222H was only $200. The reviews for the ASUS monitor have been OK so far, the main complaint is about the web cam – which I won’t use anyways. There have also been reports about LCD bleeding and washed out colors (which was usually fixed by adjusting settings). I will provide a full review once I get it. Right now anything is better than my 19″ monitor with 500 dead pixels.


3 thoughts on “ASUS VK222H 22″ Monitor

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