DreamHost Invitations! 4x the Disk/Bandwidth

Of course, you don’t NEED an official invitation to sign up, but here are 4 invitation codes:


By using these codes your will get all these super special advantages not available any
other way:

  • You will get four (4) times the normal disk and bandwidth!
    • Up our plan features to 2TB disk and 20TB bandwidth!
  • If you choose our five-year plan, they’ll get $150 off!
  • If you choose our ten-year plan, they’ll get $200 off!
  • Are way better than regular promo codes.. but are in very limited supply!

If you use these codes you agree to not be active in fraud/spamming/illegal activities.  If you are I loose these nice invite codes. Please post the code you use too so other people do not use it. Thanks.

Use the 12-digit code in the “Promo
Code” field when you sign up at:


Have fun! I got 5 but I am going to use one… ;) If these are gone you can search for my other promo codes by using the search box.


2 thoughts on “DreamHost Invitations! 4x the Disk/Bandwidth

  1. Stefano

    I’ve also got 5 invitations. But don’t have any friend to give. If any of you guys wanna have an invitation, mail me at s.careddu(at)gmail.com

  2. Yannick

    I do have 5 DreamHost Invitations fell free to use


    And you could also use Promo code Mauritius to get $70 off your yearly plan.


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