PSP Parts Straight from Sony

Did you loose your PSP analog stick? Is your PSP battery held in with tape? Don’t be fooled into buying these items from online retailers for extravagant amounts of money. PSPYou can buy these parts strait from Sony. I payed $1.52 for two Analog Stick Knobs (Analog Joystick Cap); roughly $0.76 each. I didn’t have to pay for shipping, and it was fast and easy. Sony accepts Credit Cards or money orders. They also sell battery lids/covers. All you have to do is call 1-800 488-7669 for this great deal. They say that they don’t sell other parts but I am sure you could hassle them into getting you other parts too. The customer is always right. You can view the terms and other information at the Sony website.


7 thoughts on “PSP Parts Straight from Sony

  1. corphacks

    Great post do you mind if I replicate it on my site? I’ll let you use any posts of mine you want, just let me know : )


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