The Age of Technology is Now

The future is now. There is no excuse for every family not to have a computer with internet access. Children in third-world-countries can enjoy technology if you donate $100 to One Laptop per Child (OLPC). There are other options too. There is the nimbus cloud computer that is almost 100% free – all you have to do is pay $9.99 for shipping. However you can only buy the nimbus in the States and you may have to put up with advertisements. Others may be more interested in the Eee PC by Asus for as little as $300. Most restaurants now have free WiFi so users now have the internet at their fingertips. Home users are also opening up their routers to share the goodness with networks like FON.

How is it possible to have all this technology available and offer it for so little money? Linux. You will never see a Windows or Mac computer being sold for next to nothing. Thank you Linux for providing the world with internet.


8 thoughts on “The Age of Technology is Now

  1. Vern Kennedy

    Thanks for mentioning the nimbus … about the ads, we’re REALLY serious that the ads won’t be annoying. We only use the same skyscraper ads on a small portion of the right hand side of the screen that you’d see on any free website. We won’t let this turn into Times Square … just want to defray our costs of shipping the units out.

  2. Jared Stenzel

    This is ridiculous. Point number one, you are WAY behind on your research. The computer pictured above, is no longer $100, it’s been bumped to $200 each. Point number 2, the company making it broke up and there is a serious delay in the project. There are many reasons that everybody out there won’t have a computer. Some areas in other countries don’t even have electricity, some people can’t afford internet, and they aren’t giving out hundreds of wi-fi hot spots in all of these countries. I agree that everybody should have the opportunity to have one but to make a statement saying there is no reason everybody shouldn’t have one is plain stupid.

  3. Ryan Post author

    All that is true.
    This technology movement is going on right now. It is a process that could easily be accomplished. Everyone in the world could have a computer with internet access. That is all I was trying to say. Of course not everyone will get one.
    Some people do not want to learn how to use a new device, let alone a computer using Linux. Other may not have electricity – as you have said – due to religion (Amish) or poverty. In the latter case almost two billion people in the world do not have electricity. This is very sad but more and more people are helping fix this and raise it awareness.
    The idea is far from ridiculous or stupid. However, I may have been a little too broad, everyone in the States should be able to have a computer with internet. Is that better?

  4. Jacqueline Wright a.k.a. Jackie

    I agree about what you all is saying because computers are a good technology used. I have been using computer now for a long time now and i think that it is smart to use.

  5. B

    Whats the point of having internet if, for example i need to write a paper for school, and use the internet for a source of information, when more than half of what is out there is about sex and celebetries. I mean who give’s a shit about what ‘linsey lohan’ did last night. How does that bennefit mankind in any way? The MEDIA rules over the internet

    1. OMG

      how about….use internet for instant messaging??? Maybe use it for fast communication without having to walk to somebody’s house to tell him/her that you want to say hi?? There are MILLION of possibilities with internet so stop being so close-minded. Remember, media is a part of our life. Without them, we would still be living in a cave…just saying =/


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