Installing a new GTK+ Engine in Ubuntu

The default GTK+ engine for Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 is great but some users want more. There are many great engines out there but in this tutorial will screenshottell you how to install Aurora.

Download and Extract files. In the command line type:
cd …/aurora-1.3
./configure ––prefix=/usr
./config -enable-animation
sudo make install

–prefix=/usr is two double dashes, WordPress screws up the layout. two of these: –

Then in the Theme Manager (System -> Preferance -> Appearance) Drag the folder to install the themes. It will atuomatically install the three themes.

If you get an error like this during this process

configure: error: GTK+-2.10 is required to compile aurora

Run sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev in the command line.

To install more themes, GTK+ Engines, icons, or login screens visit or

Please share which GTK+ Engine you enjoy the most or screenshots. I know many people will say that clearlooks is the best.


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