Game Rundown: To Buy or Not to Buy?

In this each mini review I will tell you whether you should buy or not. I have chosen the best  three games that are worth buying. If you are low on cash this review is great for you. If you do not like reading, scroll down to the bottom and look at the recap. Before I start this post I would like to point out that I own a Xbox 360. I do not own a PS3 or a Wii, therefor most of these games will be for the Xbox 360. Also all of these games will be coming out late 07 or early 08 if they are not already out. I will try to break it down between a Buy, Rent, and Don’t Bother rating.

Rent Out
This game is supposedly great. I however am not into this game. I am sure most people will tell you to buy it but since it is not my style I will rent it. Don’t let this review scare you away from the rest!

Rent Out
This game has a new twist on the shooter genre. For those of you who have Xbox Live I would suggest downloading the demo. The demo is packed full of options with multiple levels. I love the percision aim feature. This game also has online multiplayer with all of the same features of single player. I am worried about this game for a repetitive game (diving gets boring after a while) and possible laggy multiplayer.

Rent (x2-3) 9.25.07
What kind of post would this be if I did not mention this game? Most likely if you own a Xbox 360 you have already reserved this game and are planning on buying it. I however suggest that you rent the game instead of buying it. Rent it the first two weeks it is out and then the hype will be down and then you can buy a better game. I predict that there will be much better games this season. Some gamers, including Alex Albrecht, believe that the online multiplayer will be lacking. However he believes the single player will be sweet. This is why you should rent it for two+ weeks and it will not blow the huge $60+ dent in your budget.

Buy 10.09.07
This game, or should I say games, will be a great deal for the price. I consists of five games including: Portal, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode One and Two, and Team Fortress 2. All of these games look fun and this package has something for everyone.

Buy 11.5.07
I recently played the online beta and it blew my mind. I thought a shooter without a cover system would be lame but it actually made the gameplay quite fun. This game reminded my of Rainbow Six Vegas in how you can customize your classes. I also like the ranking system, which like Lost Planet really separates the good from the bad. The customization is amazing!

Don’t Bother 11.13.07
This game is made for the gamers who have Xbox live. This is a co-op shooter which will be quite fun if you have friends. However because of all the better games coming out I believe this game will be over looked just like all the others.

Rent 11.13.06
This game has been talked about for a while and it looks amazing. I am, however, worried worried about the gameplay. First off, no multiplayer. I know that multiplayer does not make a game but I think that sneaking around pretending to be priests all day can get boring. I also heard negative things about the combat system. The game does look good and more games are going for the Assassin’s Creed gameplay including Splinter Cell: Conviction, which is also made by Ubisoft.

Don’t Bother March 08
This game looked really good until I saw the recent trailer. I originally heard about this game via EGM and was very impressed. It is supposed to embrace the cover system fully with destructible cover. Lets just hope that they do not mess up the multiplayer like in the other Splinter Cell games. I gave this a Don’t Bother rating becuase I believe that this game will be very similar to Assassin’s Creed (except this game is more modern), however this game has potential however becuase of the multiplayer.

Buy Early 2008
This game has a BioShock feel with evolutionary powers. Also it looks just as good, if not better than, Gears of War and it has the same feel as GoW. In this game you are half-monster half-human; the monsters want to kill you and so do the humans. All this equals a blood bath. You can use the skills found in single player during your multiplayer experience.

There are a tons more games out there but I have narrowed it down to my favorites.
Halo 3 – Rent
, there will be better games this season. Of course if you have the money, buy it.
Call of Duty 4 – Buy, this game, the gameplay and the multiplayer looks solid and I like the new features
darkSector – Buy, Takes out bits and pieces of all the great games and makes a great experience.
Splinter Cell Conviction – Don’t Bother, Just a modern version of Assassin’s Creed?
Army of Two – Don’t Bother, you need friends to play this game…
The Orange Box – Buy, something for everyone


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