Harry Potter Mania!

Some people really love Harry Potter but I think this may have gone too far. Some person pimped out his/her Mini Cooper in the classic Harry Potter purple with some HP decals.


Does anyone know what Siva means? Does it relate to Harry Potter?


11 thoughts on “Harry Potter Mania!

  1. Deborah

    I drive a mini copper s which has a nimbus 2000 decale on back and the tag “nimbus”, I have a room almost all HP.

  2. chris

    I’m sittng on the bus right now and just saw the car. It is gross. So is the girl drivng it. I’m assuming Siva might be her name. Some words of advice: don’t customize your car on your own and then buy a limited edition sticker for it. We all know it’s limited edition. 1 of 1 crappy car.


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