Here come the long awaited pictures!

I saw these two “bums” in Seattle when leaving from dinner. I wasn’t sure if they were truly poor but with a sign that clever I had to give them a dollar. I gave them a dollar so I could take their picture.


Sorry about the annoying date in the corner. This is what you get when you use a Kodak EasyShare.

2 thoughts on “ARRG!

  1. Tim Wheatley

    That’s pretty funny.

    I actually saw a “bum shift-change” here in Chicago. I was stood in a Post Office queue, looking out of the window and saw a man limping towards the sitting bum I had just walked past outside… The sitting bum got to his feet, gave his change cup to the bum who just arrived and walked away, while the bum who had just limped up sat where the first one has been… Weird huh?


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