It is Zune Time

Instead of talking about the new iPods I have decided to talk about the Zune and it’s feature, something most people will not do.

One feature that I like about the Zune is the Zune Pass. Zune Pass is a subscription service that lets your download unlimited songs off of the Zune Marketplace. The songs that you download to your Zune are yours as long as you hold your subscription to Zune Pass. The bad thing about this is the price, $14.99 for one month and $44.97 for three months. I am sure this is a great buy for the more heavy music buyer but for me I like this better than using those darn Microsoft points.
Zune 2.0?
The Zune has potential to beat the iPod but like Sony, Microsoft is not taking the extra leap. Microsoft did a good job with making the Zune widescreen with a 3 inch display at 320 x 240 pixels resolution. I also like all the colors that are available. The Zune does not have just black and white but also brown, pink and red. I know that some people dislike the brown but I like the greenish hue. Also how can you forget the magnetic earplugs, those are so clever.

Right now the Zune is bulkier than the iPod but I predict that the Zune 2.0 will be much smaller with a bigger screen. I just hope that Zune 2.0 will not be like these concept shots. If these picture are true then the Zune 2.0 will be just like the PSP lite, nothing special or new. Microsoft has to embrace the touch screen media player. We already know that Microsoft is capable of this and much more with the results of Surface. As long as Zune 2.0 is small, compact, has a big screen, and some touch feature, they might have a chance against Apple.


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