Another DreamHost post…

Basically if you friend Gaoini on Xbox Live and beat him (Josh Jones) in a game of Bomberman you get a $50 credit for DreamHost hosting.

Look. I’m going to level with you. The ONLY way we’re all going to stop
me from posting this link in EVERY SINGLE NEWSLETTER is if we ALL chip in
and do some serious last-minute ballot stuffing at the bloggers choice

is where you need to go to make sure all my late nights, early mornings,
and middle noons spent hunt-and-pecking away in WordPress when I could
have been playing Bomberman Live on Xbox Live (oh my crap is it awesome.
I have been waiting my entire adult life .. since 1995 .. for REAL,
good, online Bomberman. In fact, anybody who adds “Gaoini” as a friend
and gets invited to a game and wins the whole match, I’ll give a $50
hosting credit to!


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