The Apple Phone

Today I tried the Apple Phone at the Apple store. This device is revolutionary, not just for the phone industry but for the electric industry as a whole. This is not your everyday phone, in fact it isn’t really a phone at all. I would consider it a Mini Mini Mac (MMM). MMM has a touch screen and many applications including a clock, calculator, weather and notepad. The web browser is wonderful and works with most sites. I tried out and I realized that I have not coded for Safari (oops!). worked flawlessly. Apple says it is not a mobile version of the web, however I still believe it is. People will still have to code for the mobile phone, it was very hard to click on links via MMM. I saw online that MMM has an auto-complete feature, I did not see this in action but it is needed. I found it very hard to type on the MMM’s keypad unless the phone was turned on it’s side. It also felt that you had to tap the top buttons on the navigation twice becuase of their small size. I liked the wide screen, it reminded me of the PSP. Many people say that MMM is very easy to break, I did not see this at the demo. I saw no scratches, just finger prints on the front. My krzr has the same amount of finger prints.

Overall, MMM is a great success. I would get one of these wonderful devices but it is too pricey for me. Poor me!


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