Medicine a bad thing?

Medicine can do many things to benefit the average person. It can cure cancer and let people live longer. The average age of a person in the United States of America is about 77 years old. Is this a good thing? Perhaps not. What can a 77 year old person do besides benefit from social security? Many 77 year olds can not work. Do they serve a purpose? My opinion for that is no, the average 77 year old serves little to no purpose. So then I ask you again, is medicine good? It lengthens the lives of these old people so then we have to pay for their social security. Now I am not saying that we should kill the elderly I am just saying that we should let nature take its course.


18 thoughts on “Medicine a bad thing?

  1. Chuck Post author

    Hey, it is your money that you are throwing away.

    Now do not get me wrong, old people are nice, I was just sorta play devils advocate and saying “Look what medicine has done!”

  2. Stephen

    Sure, damn modern medicine for improving the quality of life.

    Many 77 year olds can not work. Do they serve a purpose?

    Many disabled people cannot work. Do they serve a purpose?
    Many blind people cannot work. Do they serve a purpose?

  3. Chuck Post author

    I am just saying that is it a good thing to extend the lives of people? It just takes away people’s pain and sadness and in this case tax dollars.

  4. Stephen

    Is that you or the devil’s advocate again? ;)

    I’d have to argue life extension should be given priority.

    We only have one life to live. Everything else is either speculation or assertion. Since most people tend to prefer life over death, the next logical step is to make this life as good as possible without harming other life. Immortality is another issue, but I’d like to stay away from that.

    We see this idea of “life extension” everywhere. If we were to truly let “nature take its course,” we would have to stop using band aids, prescription drugs, etc. It’s a slippery slope that would lead us back to barbarism.

  5. Chuck Post author

    Within reason of course.

    Is being afraid of death just a human weakness? Are we just afraid of what will happen after we die?

    Usually life extensions are great but for an old person it can just extend the pain. Sorry, being in bed 24/7 is not my idea of a life.

  6. Stephen

    Well, yes fear of the unknown is a human weakness… I don’t know if it’s exactly fear of what will happen after we die, as much rejecting the fact life is finite.

    Sorry, being in bed 24/7 is not my idea of a life.

    Fantastic. Unfortunately, our ideas shouldn’t matter when talking about someone else’s life. Perhaps someone would prefer the “something” of being a vegetable compared to the “nothing” of death. It’s entirely subjective and varies from person to person.

    The point is, we can’t go around deciding who is and is not valuable to society, therefore worthy of life. It’s quite simply ignorant.

  7. Chuck Post author

    Got a new one.

    The population goes what? UP! Why? Because it takes 3x longer for people to die. Where are we going to fit these excess people? The second Earth?

  8. Stephen

    OR we (the planet as a whole) could stop having so many kids. OR we could stop using so many resources.

    Where do we draw the line? When do we give up on the ol’ folk? Do you have a specific age in mind? You have to be over 65 to get a senior coffee at McDonalds.

    What separates a hip replacement at 70 from chemotherapy at 20? Both essentially extend one’s life. Even band aids can make you live longer.

    This idea of “medicine stops after point x” is completely totalitarian and downright immoral because there is no place to stop.

  9. imtheotherdave

    I want to stick you mother’s head in a gas oven and turn the heat up full. In my eyes, she serves no purpose.

    That wasn’t my opinion, just saying it to be controversial LOLOLOLOLMFAO!

  10. imtheotherdave

    I said in MY opinion, sir. That was the subtle point. In my opinion the fact that she sustains both you and your kin counter acts any minimal contribution to the global economy she could possibly sustain.

  11. Chuck Post author

    Well, in REALITY she does serve a purpose. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before you say something so outrageous.

  12. Chuck Post author

    EDIT:// This was not supposed to be a “I wish old people are dead” sorta post. This post was a “What if… What would happen and would life be better?” sorta post.


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