Windows XP themes in 3 Easy Steps

One reason why I wanted to switch to linux was because XP was boring me and I could not afford Vista. Now I can still use Photoshop and iTunes and still enjoy a beautiful desktop. I will tell you what you have to do to get these awesome themes below.Screen of theme

Step One: Patch your system. This is the hardest and most crucial part.

Download Multi-patcher and/or follow these instructions.*

Make sure you read all the readme’s.


Step Two: Download themes. is a great resource for customized themes.

Step Three: Open theme.

I put all my themes in C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes. Double click on your theme. And they should appear in Right click on desktop -> Properties -> Appearance -> Windows and Buttons.


*Replacing system files is not always dangerous but if you want you might want to set a restore point.
Note: There are two ways to accomplish this please try the 2nd one first then if you are unsuccessful then you can try the 1st one. The 2nd one did not work for me so I had to use the first method.


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