High Definition Jesus

As most of you should know, Easter was last week. For some this might be shocking news. I am posting now because if I posted it last week you would have ignored it because we were all in the Easter mood.

On Good Friday I saw The Passion of The Christ by Mel Gibson. This is the first time I have saw this movie. I was very surprised in the accuracy it had. It was very symbolic and had some stunning visuals. I thought it was quite good. In one part however you could tell they were running low on their budget. In the scene where the temple is ripped in two by the earthquake just looked horrible. Other than that it was a great movie, very bloody.

While watching the movie I realized why Jesus came during that time period. I do not know about you but I have wondered why Jesus was sent 2000 years ago and not in a time of need like today. Back then someone could be put to death for doing nothing criminal. In today’s society this would rarely happen.


7 thoughts on “High Definition Jesus

  1. imtheotherdave

    People are Martyred around the world all the time. Just not in the West. People have their legs and arms ripped off for their faith.

    I hate Mel Gibson, The Passion is about as faithful (mind the pun) as Braveheart.

    He has an agenda.

  2. Chuck Post author

    Are they killed in a horrible way as Jesus? He was almost beaten to death, then he had to walk a far distance to get nailed to a cross. Pretty horrid if you ask me.
    Are you saying that just because Mel Gibson made it that the movie is bad? Mel Gibson is not the best person but the movie is an excellent and symbolic piece of work.

  3. imtheotherdave

    If Mel was an arsehole I could forgive it only on the merit of him being a good film-0maker. He is neither.

    Plus, although I wouldn’t wish Jesus’ death on anyone- it is far from remarkable. It is quite a comfy form of torture compared to what some civilisations created.

  4. Chuck Post author

    I guess how you can see that people have endured worse punishment.
    But as I said before, Jesus did nothing wrong and Pilot knew that, but he put him to death anyways. That was what I originally was trying to get across.

    I still believe that this film was a good film even if the film’s maker was not.


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