Christopher Columbus Evil?

Christopher Columbus is known in the United States of America to be the founder of the Americas. We celebrate him in October but, in fact, he did not go onto the mainland (United States) until his third voyage in 1498. He also was not the earliest European explorer to reach the Americas, as there are accounts of European transatlantic contact prior to 1492. In fact, Scandinavian Vikings already had settlements in the Americas in the eleventh century, and British fishermen probably fished the shores of Canada for decades before Columbus. His voyage is more famous because of his nationalism and the economic competition. Columbus was in the right place at the right time and had the most power.
Columbus did not do anything that others did not already do before him. The earth was already proved to be round. The Egyptian-Greek scientist Erastosthenes, already had measured the circumference and diameter of the world in the third century B.C. Arab scientists had developed a whole discipline of geography and measurement, and in the tenth century A.D., Al Maqdisi described the earth with 360 degrees of longitude and 180 degrees of latitude. The Monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai still has an icon — painted 500 years before Columbus — which shows Jesus ruling over a spherical earth. And as said above, Scandinavian Vikings already had settlements in the Americas in the eleventh century, and British fishermen probably fished the shores of Canada for decades before Columbus.
Columbus was very greedy; he voyaged for three things, “Gold, Glory and God”. In his search for gold he killed many people and almost wiped out an entire civilization by himself. He did this for many reasons. One of course was for personal gain and the other was for Spain. If he did not get gold for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand they would not finance Columbus’ trip. Columbus had to pay the Queen and King back and he would do anything to do that. This need to repay his debt can be found in Columbus’ diaries as he raced from one Caribbean island to the next, stealing anything of value and killing or capturing Native Americans.
Columbus did many bad things to the natives and he killed almost all of them. He forced them to find gold where there was none, and if they did not find any Columbus would kill them. Columbus also forced the natives to become slaves, most of the natives died on their way to Spain. Columbus and his men threw the native’s corpses over the side of the boat and into the ocean. The natives that did not become slaves worked on plantations or mines where they too would die from the hard working conditions. The natives did nothing to deserve these harsh conditions; they greeted the Europeans to their land with open arms.
Christopher Columbus is very influential in our culture. We celebrate him and his accomplishments on Columbus Day. In fact, the United States honors only two men holidays bearing their names, Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King, Jr. In January we commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., who tried to stop racial prejudice and relinquish the remaining bonds of slavery in America, and in October, we honor Christopher Columbus, who opened the Atlantic slave trade and launched one of the greatest waves of genocide known in history.

256 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus Evil?

    1. Joe

      i dont think its a conspiracy. its the facts. if there were a conspiracy, thered be everything there to make it a conspiracy. get cho facts straight

      1. Christobol Colon

        Where did these “facts” come from? Wiped out an entire civalization? Are you sure you’re not thinking of Hernan Cortez?

    1. Lori

      just wondering where are the sources for this…im not saying that i dont think its true i just want another source because im in an arguement about it with my mom.

    1. stacy

      hello, im doing a lettter similar to what u have done “writing this to the governor” but mine is dealing with an editor”i gotta write whether one should celebrate coulumbus day or not” in my opinion i’d say NO, what about u?

      1. hdbvf

        he did not even com up with america yall lame and square all yall in the commet and subsribe to my youtube chanel and like and commet

    1. Jana

      oh my god. In my U.S History class we had to write a letter to the state representative about wether or not a monument should be made for him in our state capital. I don’t think so.


    2. mike

      hey, thanks for the info. i am using u as a source for my paper on whether Columbus was a “hero or a zero” as my teacher put it. i wonder why we were so brainwashed that he was such a great hero. i guess teachers just skipped over the bloody genocidal beheadings for the sake of our innocence.

  1. billythecheesegoat

    this is a very good article. i am probably two days late, no pun intended. this is a very good source. it is better then wikipedia. thanks a ton for all this useful info. i am writing a paper on christopher columbus and whether he was a good or bad person, and this article expllains that he is a very cruel man.


  2. smelly

    i think this is a load of rubbish and im doing an article on him for skool this is a pants website fort this kinda things take it off the internet or i will cover you in poo and report you too the army ohh yeh nd do you no any other website hehe ..x
    love you reali i think we should get together ..x

  3. Saif Suwaina

    Very interesting…… This is good information…. This will prove well for my “Columbus” Essay… Thanks for the info…..

    “Halo is cool”

  4. Ryan Post author

    That seems like a very extreme and bold statement. No I did not plagiarize this, but these papers do address some similar issues.

    Too make you happy, the above link is now a source.

    Weatherford, Jack. "Examining the reputation of Christopher Columbus." Prest Widge. 01 Mar. 2007 < >.

  5. Lindsay

    This was an awesome article. Whatever to the kid obsessed with the whole plagiarism. I do stuff like that all the time. But you put it down into what I like to call “your own logical flow of ideas” so way to go and thanks for helping to inform the public about how much of a monster Columbus truly was.

  6. Mayur

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  7. Jane

    This website is awsome. My sister told me that Christopher Columbus was eeeeeeeevil but i didn’t listen. I hope you dont mind me book markng

  8. WiiPlayer113

    Great informaton, i have to something like this for school, do u mind if i use this article as a source?

  9. Michelle

    Beastly article. Love the details that emphasized how cruel he was. I have to write about whether he was good or bad… and the verdict is…BAD!!!!

  10. :// Post author

    Not really, but we do give him credit for establishing America as a power.
    He tried very hard to find some worth in America and I guess it payed off.

  11. Smithers

    This was a lot of help for my history project… i couldnt decide whether to choose if C.C. was a good person or bad… Well now i know!
    Thanks for putting this info out there

  12. Jacob

    This is a truly amazing website!

    It brings out the cold hard facts and lays them on the table for everyone to see.

    The finishing section is very eye opening and interesting.

    Thanks for puting out all this great info!

  13. liesa

    when i first read this article, i thought it was truely a great piece of writing and very informative. HOWEVER, you are just the same as Christopher Columbus as you prove in your article; a hypocrite. Never take credit for work when it is not your own. I found the website you used when researching for my own essay, and I was very dissapointed when I remembered I had already read the very same pieces of information.

  14. liesa

    I know, I read the comment. But if “mat” hadn’t pointed it out, you wouldn’t have used his website as a source and you would have continued to go on making everyone think this was your own piece of work. Not trying to be rude, i’m just completely against plagiarism

  15. :// Post author

    Reply to liesa:
    The only part of my paper that should be of concern should be the last sentence. Everything else should be fine. One sentence isn’t going to kill or hurt anyone. It shocks me that you compare me to Columbus in this regard. I receive no reward for writing, I have no ads on my pages – my information is free for everyone.

    Edited original comment to make the citing more obvious. ;) Also added wikipedia link and source link to article. ;)

  16. John Doe

    hahahahaa… it actually makes me quite sad to see everyone so openly accepting this without even looking at it. anyone ever heard the saying “dont believe everything you hear”? Check the primary source documents guys, copies of columbus’ own journal are readily available, and if anyone had actually read them you would realise that columbus, in his OWN journal, says that he tries to keep peace with the natives, he in fact resists touching their houses or belongings and gives them things such as glass beads and hawks’ bells to stablish a relationship with them. Now I am not trying to say that Columbus was some amazing hero guy, he did in fact go on his voyages with the plans of finding riches, and spreading the catholic faith. What i am saying, is don’t just blindly believe everything you see on the internet. Do your research and learn it for real. An open post forum website isn’t a credibe source, think about it, anyone can post anything they think. I could say that in all reality Barney created the universe from a pudding cup and a little help from his magic fairy wand. Doesn’t make it true does it? You may have put a fair amount of work into this, but it would help if you learned the facts first. The columbus evil/good case can be argued either way very easily, but at least have some evidence to back it up. In closing, drugs are bad, and if you do drugs…. you’re bad. Thank you and goodnight.

    1. Maurie

      He still killed and stole, criminal in my book, whether the details are true or not — it’s a known fact he invaded, killed, destroyed, and stole resources from these places.

    2. Joe

      i just think these guys spend too much time on the internet to have any real-life experiences of “dont believe every thing you hear”. Speaking of which, i should get back onto Evony now jk lol.

      maybe, just so i wont hurt myself, i should log off now. . .

    3. Tewi Inaba

      “he tries to keep peace with the natives”.
      Official quote from Columbus: “They could be easily commanded and made to work, to sow and to do whatever might be needed, to build towns and taught to wear clothes and adopt our ways”.

      “and spreading the catholic faith”
      Like committing genocide “in the name of God”?


  17. :// Post author

    @John Doe
    Yes, Columbus did give Natives Glass beads and hawks’ bells, but they were worthless to Columbus. The Natives thought Columbus’ trash was special since they have never seen it before.
    It would be very hard for Columbus to convince the Natives to go into slavery if he did not create a relationship with them to begin with.

    Please read your facts. Just because I linked to Wikipedia does not mean I got all of my facts from there. Wikipedia is a great source for information and I have found that it is pretty accurate.
    The internet can be a place of knowledge and growth but it is the people like you who prohibit it to be great. Thank you.

    1. Joe

      wikipedia, actually, can be inaccurate. i say this because ANYone can add some stuff, whether its true, not true, or random. that is why i came across your site- good job, by the way

      1. Al Capwn

        But they do have people check what you write to make sure its not crap. You can write bullshit but it will be fixed in a day

  18. порно

    Реально интересное место, мне тут понравилось, правда…
    Столько всего класного и позновательного, я тут задержусь на долго.

  19. Bill

    Can see where the plagiarism thought would come from and I think this is full of BS. No sources were sited. If you want to present something as fact back it up!!!!

    There is nothing here to back up your claim that is like me saying Christopher Columbus was a woman, the name was really Christina.

  20. :// Post author

    “There were ten million Native Americans on this continent when the first non-Indians arrived. Over the next 300 years, 90% of all Native American original population was either wiped out by disease, famine, or warfare imported by the whites.”

    1. Joe

      yes, but you must remember, columbus didnt explore ALL of America. so, in my opinion, he only killed those in the unfortunate are he did find.
      Here goes Columbus, leaving from one of his voyages. but one of the ships crashes. Columbus leaves them all behind, to eventually get killed on their own, by natives, or by starvation, thirst, etc. he does not take them, or divide them, onto his ships. when he returns, no settlement, no survivors. columbus really only wanted gold- and to rape and kill other natives

  21. Nathaliana

    Columbus was an arrogant asshole, a murderous bigot, the cause of history’s largest and longest genocide. Who the hell wants to celebrate Columbus Day? If he is a hero, I certainly don’t want to be one of those, nor do i want to encourage my friends, or my family, to look up this version of heroism. He was callous and cruel to the indiginous. Christopher Columbus should consider himself as being lucky, now that I believe he landed on a place were the indigenous were not rebels, and if it had been the other way, his history would’ve been completely different.

    1. Ryan B

      You’re a tool and you need not worry – you’re not made of the right stuff to be a hero like Columbus. Go color a picture and eat some paste.

  22. sharahbath

    The school systems that still make if mandatory for students to get a day out of school to celebrate such a cruel man need to be ashamed of themselves. Americans need to wake up and rewrite the so called his-tory books. Let the truth be known, the Black Man is the true (Jew) Hebrew.

  23. kimberly

    beautiful- i’m in my last 22 minutes to write a paper over this for end of semester and this was great. thanks a ton.

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      yes i am here

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  25. jayjay

    i had to write about this today and comapare himm with another explorer that i would like nice article i loved it n enjoyed it thanks

  26. Ryan B

    Before everyone jumps on the band-wagon of hating Columbus did it ever occur to any of you that his actions were common place and completely acceptable for the time period in which he lived?

    The major reason the natives died was because they were exposed to sickness and aliments they did not have the necessary antibodies/immunities needed to combat them. Sure there were hard working conditions – but were they really harsh working conditions or were the island people accustomed to playing grabass with each other on pristine beaches, catching fish and eating coconuts? I’m pretty sure I’d die too if I went from that lifestyle to actually doing manual labor!

    Where is the hate for we “Americans” who are the descendants of European settlers who, again, brought diseases and exposed the Indians (native Americans) which ultimately caused many of their deaths? Just thinking about it makes me hate Ryan and his dad (the original author of this article). I don’t hate myself or my dad. We actually are quite awesome but I digress…

    Additionally, who the hell cares if someone beat Columbus to the punch? Columbus was at the right place at the right time and had the forsight and public relations aptitude to market himself as a hero for both his country and the developing new world. I think that sort of “stop at nothing” sort of ambition/motivation to succeed should be commended – not condemned.

    Lastly, while the outstanding achievements of Columbus required tactics that would, by today’s standards, be deemed immoral and unacceptable we should probably keep in mind that it was the late 1400s – people stilled wiped their ass using their hands, there was no indoor plumbing, no electricity, Ryan’s hero, Barney – the purple dinosaur, had yet to be masterminded and the United States, as we know them today complete with our delcaration of independence, human bill of rights and the civil rights we know and love so much today had yet to be even a thought.

    Remember the Pyramids? (wonder of the world?) Built by Slaves. Columbus was just following precedent. I’m perfectly OK with HONORING this great man. He deserves his own day.

    1. :// Post author

      Why the personal attacks? What have I done to you?

      Just because an action was acceptable 300 years ago does not mean we should praise it today. This article is mearly pointing out the negative actions Columbus committed and his failures (therefor this article is biased).

      Yes, most Native Americans died from disease but some died from Columbus’ terrible treatment. You can not deny that. Chopping off Native’s hands for not finding gold, where no gold exists, is not a normal consequence of manual labor…

  27. Aishah Bowron

    Christopher Columbus is an evil, pig-brained, calculating, sadistic tyrant, a cold-blooded genocidal mass murderer. A racist bastard. I wish he wasn’t born centuries ago. He enslaved and butchered millions of American Indians. He called the people Indians because he thought he was in the Orient. He worked for the Devil. He should have been hanged for his crimes. Evil bastard !. I don’t know why people have to make a hero out of this wretched Genoese sailor. Christopher Columbus did not discover America, the Vikings did !.

  28. Sarah

    Where did you get your information?
    What books do you have that he is cruel? I’m writing a report and would love any help.

  29. Aishah Bowron

    Christopher columbus is a violent axe murderer. He is the world’s first serial killer together with John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer. He is an evil piece of work. Look what he did to those poor innocent American Indian peoples

  30. Aishah Bowron

    Christopher “Bloodaxe” Columbus is a fifteenth century version of Jack Torrance, who is Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining”. Evil cold-blooded murderer !. Red Rum Red Rum Red Rum Chop Chop Chop

  31. Anna

    So, this article is absoultely trash. You have NO authority to talk this badly about a man who had the courage to leave his country, risk his life at sea, and ultimately discover America. That’s all I have to say to you.

  32. delana

    This is really good. I had to do a debate on whether or not he was a villan and i couldnt find anything bad about him until i found this website. every body thinks he was a hero, but he was acually a very bad man…

  33. austin

    I got a 97% on my essay thanks to this site, it was a huge help, i always thought christopher columbus was a great explorer and person but now i dont haha thanks alot for the help

  34. Aishah Bowron

    He is the world’s most hated man in history. A racist bastard. He shouldn’t have existed. He’s just famous foor being famous, Kill him !

  35. bob

    its a freakig lie man! the teachers are sooooooo stupid they are feeding us a bunch of lies man!!!!!!
    anyhow this is a great article dude u rock!!!

  36. Aishah Bowron

    Christopher Columbus is pure evil, a spawn of the devil. He is everything I hate about him. I fucking hate evil Christopher Columbus. He should have hanged 516 years ago. Murderer he is !

  37. Taylor

    Hi this is taylor and im doing this project on him and it was soooo hard until i found this page!!!
    THis page was a lifesaver!!! IF you dont mind this is a very useful website,I would like to show my social studies teacher this! Just let me know and i will be happy too:)

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  38. Fred

    I do not understand the current defamation going on of Christopher Columbus in the United States.
    On wikipedia he is accused of killing “millions himself”.
    And in this article he is accused of indirectly being responsible for nearly wiping out the Native American population.
    What a joke. We only have to open our eyes and look around at the CURRENT evidence.
    In the new world, we have the northern area, English speaking Protestants for the most part.
    In the southern areas, south of Mexico, we have the Spanish and Portuguese speaking areas.
    Look at the current inhabitants, their bloodline, their genetics, the Native American mix is clearly seen in the southern areas. Clearly, the indigenous peoples south of the United Stares fared better. Who wiped out whom?
    Look at the U.S., how many people with Native American blood live on your street?
    Consider Andrew Jackson’s infamous quote “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.”
    The current liberal trend of defaming Christopher Columbus is bogus. Just look around, you can see the truth.
    Anti-Catholicism may be at the root of the current non-sense. Regarding slavery, who is the biggest culprit? Mexico outlawed slavery long before the United States—this included Texas. And then the U.S. captures Texas and brings back slavery.
    Liberals need to get history right and stop exaggerating the negative aspects of Christopher Columbus’ brave exploring; usually attributing to Columbus the evil work of some desperate people that followed him. Columbus helped bring the advances of Western Europe in most fields of human pursuit to the indigenous people.
    Believe it or not, Christian ideals of how we should live are superior to constant tribe warfare and cannibalism.

  39. jo mama

    first of all, you don’t have any sources, as others have been saying. I agree with what you are saying but your article is all emotion, no facts. You do say some things and your ending is good but all you say is that he was bad and evil, etc.
    I would give this a B-

  40. yjfyuh

    columbus is a good man, if it wasnt for him we wudnt be here. he had to kill the natives for us to have the land. he is a true american. USA! columbus discovered america for us,

    1. Nicole

      But what’s so great about us that we should live on the land rather than the people who were living there long before us? Hmmm…


    Yeah this rascal and his men killed the natives in several thousand apart from spreading diseases.

    There is no reason to celebrate colombus day in the honour of a man who was ruthless,inhumane,rapist and a barbaric killer.

    You can see his appreance its similar to a gangster….Down with colombus….:(

  42. Thinker

    Poor colombus…There are more people here to hate him rather than talking good of him..

    Defnitely he is going to be angry with all u guys..hahaha


    Ok Mr.thinker… let me talk some thing good about this super hero it goes like this…

    Colombus was an extraordinary killer who can test his sharpness of sword by beheading the natives in a single stroke.He was good at raping native women and he was an excellent master too who made the natives work hard untill they become ill and die….

    Come out from the world of ignorance you dumbs the facts will never change.. Colombus was a worst villan of those times who had commited uncountable number of crimes….:(

  44. Aishah Bowron

    I don’t celebrate serial killers and Christopher Columbus is a serial killer. I wish he was hanged around his neck until he is dead. I wouldn’t be surprised if an American Indian chief had shot him and ate him for supper. That would certainly put a smile on my face. Christopher and his merry men enslaved, killed and butchered the whole Indian population and that is the truth. Kill Christopher and abolish that dreadful holiday called Columbus Day.

  45. Aishah Bowron

    Christopher Columbus should be called the Admiral of Mosquitoland and High Priest of Murder. He should have hanged for his crime . Bloody Murderer he is.

  46. Aishah Bowron

    Christopher Is An Indian-Chopping Bastard !. Chop ! Chop ! Chop! Red Rum ! Red Rum ! Red Rum ! Oompah ! Oompah ! Choppity Chop !. I Fucking Hate Christopher’s Lethal Guts !.

  47. Emoney

    That is one of the best endings i have ever heard! I love how this is written and i am going to use it as a source on my paper! Thank You!

  48. GiGi

    You know I rather Christopher Columbus did not discovered America bcus then thousands of lives could be saved and many indians wont need to die like some people say vikings discovered America so its okay if Christopher didnt discover America we would still find America some other way.

    1. Joe

      jeez, youve had too many comments. is that ’cause you ran outta characters in your little typy box that i was typing in before this was posted?? we get cho point of him being a perverted murderer n stuff. lay off the typing, k?

      1. Aishah Bowron

        I apologize for all my bad comments about Christopher Columbus everybody. I admire and respect him as a mariner, but he was a crap ruler and he should never have been a governor.

        I give him 10 /10 for being a skilled navigator and 0/10 for an administrator.

        Please forgive me for my rudeness and malicious attack on poor old Chris.

  49. mmrmafniw

    I found this on wiki answers. He forced them to find gold where there was none, and if they did not find any Columbus would kill them. Columbus also forced the natives to become slaves, most of the natives died on their way to Spain. Columbus and his men threw the native’s corpses over the side of the boat and into the ocean. The natives that did not become slaves worked on plantations or mines where they too would die from the hard working conditions. The natives did nothing to deserve these harsh conditions; they greeted the Europeans to their land with open arms.

    1. Joe

      They only threw the bodies out because Isabella told them to make peace with the natives, obviously to convert them to Catholicism. So its possible that he threw them out to destroy proof. But one question still remains: Why would he take them back to spain if he knew that would violate Isabellas orders?

  50. ruben morales

    I think that Christipher Columbus was a serial killler. All the Europeans messed everything up. how do you think we got the mexican. Because if the spainiards woul’ve never went into Mexico we would’nt be speaking the spainish language. I do think that Chirtopher Columbus was a very very cruel man with no heart. All he was thinking at the time was MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!! Thats what this son of a bitch was about and i show no respect to any kind of europeans except Italians. Thats what i think about chris

    1. Amanda

      Well, Reuben, if you knew anything about history, you’d know that his name was actually Christolpho Columbo and he WAS Italian! Christopher Columbus is just an Anglicized version of his name that Americans are more reticent to accept. He was neither Spanish NOR English! Also, there were ALREADY people living in Mexico. Those who live there now are simply their descendants, not the Spanish. The Spanish stayed only to spread their language and religion, and while they were here for a while, they left back across the ocean. And how dare you basely assault Europeans?! Indians killed Indians too! Why only punish the Europeans!

      1. Nausi

        Sweetheart, there’s a difference between wars that have been happening for centuries and the mass murdering of an entire continent. About 90% of the native population was killed through war, disease and slavery. You seem uninformed – the Spanish did not all leave. Not in the least. Some left, yes. But a large, large portion stayed for what they had come for in the first place: land and power. The Spanish (and other countries like Portugal and England) came to conquer the Americas and succeeded. Why would you leave? The people living in Latin America are are a giant mix of descendents of the pre-Colonial natives, Europeans who came to conquer, Africans who were used and abused by the Europeans for slavery, and Asians who the Europeans brought as indentured servants and cheap labour.

  51. grace and anna (diego and fernando in reality)

    we believe that, comma, ben werthan is a hot shot and needs to have sex with ben werthan. what what in the butt.
    GO CHRIS COLUMBUS! chop chop.

  52. fupilt mansurer

    You have a bad essay, you need to work more on it and stop plagurizing other peoples work im a teacher at lincoln university in Ohio and i came across your essay and found many words taken from other authors. This is a serius crime and i will not put up with it at all.

  53. joe harpor

    you need to stick it up and feel the plessure… as i do with my female students. o yaaaaaaaa columbus did that to all the indian women… weird huh..

  54. jain danold

    Christopher also stuck his 1cm stick in all the indian women who refused to give him a good time… he took rope from the sail and tide them to his desk to suduce them, the women were soar after and his thing was numb……. the plesure was white stuff all over the ship, and he felt so good after he did 50 a day them brought 500 back to spain to show them how good it felt, but most of them died from all the sails men and columbus ripping the holes of the women

  55. Joe

    this was very helpful information. man, ive gotta 5 paragraph essay (no problem, except that the teacher wants 10+ sentences per paragraph) due tomorrow. it has to be ’bout whether he was a good man or not, i think not.
    good job!

  56. Nicole

    Apparently his real last name was Colombo.. same as mine. I told my dad about him being a murderer, something I learned in History this year… He flipped out. Anyway, I know he probably did do some good, but I think the bad overrules it, ya know? My dad said he’s gonna research on the computer whether Columbus is bad or not, so hopefully he comes across this article.

  57. Brandon

    What are your sources for this information? I would like to check them and if your article is biased. need for a project and would like not to use false information.

  58. Nausi

    To all of you who are wanting to use this as a source for a project, don’t. While the information .might. be true and the article .might. be objective, it is not a peer-reviewed, well-researched and well-documented work. There are tonnes of papers out there that are more reliable and have less chance of being incorrect and/or plagiarized (not that I’m saying this is.)

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  60. Brandon

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