.CSS {border: Lost Planet;}

CSS is cool but man it is a pain. The hardest thing I have yet to figure out is 100% height and a certain navigation. I am making a new layout for twodayslate, it will be almost the same as the last but a better navigation and a different header. I should finish most of twodayslate this Street Scences break. Be prepared for a special invite just for people who come to this blog. Lucky you!

I still have not started my PHP stuff, which is quite sad becuase I said I would start it two weeks ago. T_T I am going to start soon….

I love Lost Planet, I am level 10 online. I am planning to get to level 100 by the end of this break too. My gamer tag is G0RAK for those of you that want to play me. My favorite weapon is the hand grenade and the machine gun. It is really weird though, everytime I play I get 7th place. No matter what, even if I get first in the game. I hear if you play fugitive and you are the host you automatically get 4000+ points or something like this.

If you noticed I have all my tags on this post, so just maybe I will get a couple more hits. ;-)


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