Brett Favre Retiring?

Will Brett Favre retire? That is the question of the night for all Packer fans. If you asked me two months ago, I would have said, “He better be!” but now after witnessing the Packers kick the Bears butts, I am not too sure.  Did you see him break down on the field? He is not telling us for sure yet but I think he has his mind set. Goodbye Brett. We had a nice 16 year season with you!



3 thoughts on “Brett Favre Retiring?

  1. Kyle Blodgett

    Dear Mr. Farve,

    I think you should not retire this year you and the pack almost got to the Super Bowl and if you stay at least two more years or so, you will probably get another chance to go to the Super Bowl. So with all your fans sake don’t retire! Were begging you!!!

    Kyle Blodgett

  2. Kyle Blodgett

    Dear Mr. Favre,

    I am so sorry about spelling your name wrong I forgot that it was V-R-E. Silly mistake. But we realy don’t want you to retire. And I’m only 13 years old and I’m one of your biggest fan. So don’t retire.
    Kyle Blodgett: Again


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