This is just a paper I am writing for homework.

The Sunni-Shiite conflicts are and have been one of attack and counter-attacks. Each side wants its revenge, and both want to achieve it violently. In the past eight days (as of November 20, 2006) 715 Iraqis have been killed or have been found dead. The death toll is already higher than October which consisted of 1,216 deaths, and is up to 1,320. There are many civilian deaths, and they are not just from bombs. Direct attacks are not usually bombs or explosives but revenge attacks with bullets to the brain. Some attacks kill civilians’ unintentionally, by mortars and public executions.
Violence exploded after a bombing of a Shiite shrine and sparked many deaths for revenge. Many Sunnis and Shiites are now openly at war. The killings are as brutal as the ones under Saddam Hussein; corpses found with drill holes, acid burns and broken bones. Most bodies are found in sewage areas and trash pits. This war is not intense that the Iraqi culture made up new words for the killing.
Most of the killing is done by the tribes. Due to the chaos and lack of government, the people look towards the tribes for help, justice and safety. Most of the Sunni-Shiite conflicts are a big part of the tribe’s history. The history of these tribes is bloody. Unfortunately militias are moving freely around the country and are creating violence and destruction wherever they go. The killing is almost uncontrollable and it seems like the Shiite do not care if they care civilians.
Luckily, the American troops are trying to stop the violence. They have reduced the mortar attacks and put pressure on the militias. Now the killings are done faster and less brutally.


12 thoughts on “Sunni-Shiite

  1. Chuck Post author

    I agree, but we still have major problems that are still unsolved. The Iraqi government and military, to me, look like they are not doing anything.

  2. Stephen

    Firstly, I hope you realize I’m being sarcastic. The Sunni/Shiite conflict may have been reason for international involvement, but it was certainly not what we were told to go to war for. The UN has (and continues to) work for peace in sectarian conflicts.

    This sort of thing is the job of the international community, not just us. And thanks to our tireless leaders’ stubbornness and downright lies, end is looking unattainable.

    I’m sure our involvement in Iraq only escalated this conflict anyway.

  3. Chuck Post author

    I can not see emotion via text…

    The US’s main goal has changed very much then when started this war. Our first goal was to elimitate the terrorists, and I think we have accomplished that, well sorta. Our, goal now, is to establish their government, and that is not going well at all!

  4. Stephen

    I know, I should have realized that.

    Why did the US’s main goal change? Does it have anything to do with the fact we went to war under false pretenses? Iraq has no WMDs, and Saddam had no links to Al-Qaeda. We’ve seen these facts proven countless times. Without WMDs or Al-Qaeda, there was no reason to invade.

    The unavoidable truth is Iraq has become a more dangerous place since we invaded.

  5. Chuck Post author

    Well, I would say that we went to war over a misunderstanding. I thought that there were WMDs but whaterver…
    Are you saying that capturing the bad guy was useless and that Saddam should still be ruling Iraq today? The long term effect is that Iraq will be a place of democracy and of peace. It is just going to take a very long time.

  6. Stephen

    You can’t be serious… 50,000+ civilian lives lost due to a petty misunderstanding? Simply wrong on a hunch? Give me a break. I somehow doubt a “misunderstanding” would fly with the 3,000 childless parents.

    No, I don’t think Saddam should still be ruling Iraq, but absent of other purpose (terrorists, WMD’s) Saddam alone was not reason to invade. Why? Once again, America is not a worldwide police force… Saddam’s genocidal behaviors were nothing short of tragedy but this sort of thing is meant for the international community to handle (key word:) together. How many American lives is the imprisonment of a foreign dictator worth? It’s great that we freed the Iraqi people from tyranny but (as usual) no one seems to notice the countless people around the world who die of hunger, AIDS and other diseases on a day to day basis. Not to mention the fact our involvement in Iraq has allowed actual threats to America and American interests (Iran, North Korea) develop.

    It will be great if Iraq forms a democracy, but where do we draw the line? If some right wingers (Ann Coulter in particular) had their way “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” #.

    The Right is probably right (oxymoron) in saying the blame game will get us nowhere. We could argue this for days. The fact is, the war cannot continue at the rate it’s going. “Cut and run” won’t work, but neither will “stay the course”. This is where both parties fail.

    As for the rest of the middle east, I firmly believe the best way to counter the Islamofascists (I rather agree with the President’s labeling) is by taking away their one collateral. If the United States invested half as much time and money in researching alternate fuel sources than waging pointless wars, we could cut out their primary source of finance and power. Where were 11 out of the 19 9/11 hijackers from? Saudi Arabi. If the Saudi’s weren’t one of the top oil producers, I’m willing to bet we would have invaded them.

    Sorry for the length.

  7. Chuck Post author

    I have to approve comments so I never really saw this till’ now.

    no one seems to notice the countless people around the world who die of hunger, AIDS and other diseases on a day to day basis.

    Are those reasonably possible to cure or help? We are working for a cure for AIDs and no matter what we do, someone is going to be hungry. I am hungry right now!

    The fact is, the war cannot continue at the rate it’s going. “Cut and run” won’t work, but neither will “stay the course”. This is where both parties fail.

    I agree. But what is the solution?

    I do not want to get into this anymore, I just posted this because it sounded interesting and I wrote it.

  8. Stephen

    I was merely pointing out there are ways to improve human conditions without violence.

    I think appealing to the international community, admitting our mistakes, and asking for help would be a considerable option. If that doesn’t work (depending on the 2008 elections) we’re potentially in the next Vietnam, and I don’t think anyone wants that.

  9. sal

    Sunni shiite violence is caused by the US gov, backed by the Us army itself you ignorant fools. The quicker you realize this, the better, so that you wont be that shocked when it becomes apparently clear in the future and the US goes down to the ground for all its corruption and lies which will comes sooner or later for a corrupted and domineering regime.

  10. Damian

    I will probably never revisit this site again, but since I stumbled upon it and had the misfortune of actually reading everyone’s posts (including the completely ignorant Sal’s), I might as well put my 2 cents worth into the ring.
    First of all, SAL, the Shia and Sunni being at war with each other has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the United States in any way shape or form. Unless, that is, you want to blame us for “weakening” the old fascist government and allowing for the spread of unpunished violence. However, once the local government is eventually strong enough to maintain peace and policing, the 1400 YEAR OLD!!!! conflict between these two groups will certainly die out with the understanding of standardized penalties and imprisonment for unabated violence.
    Second of all, if I could just point out real quick the fact that our country has NEVER lost any conflict it has been apart of (including vietnam, because we just didnt feel like absolutely destroying the NVC and getting into a bigger scuffle with China, even at that it wasn’t our fight we were just lending a helping hand to an army overwhelmed and underprepared for the forces led and supported by a communist China.) To that end… we WILL NEVER fall to the ground my friend. There isnt a force on earth, other than a deliberate act of God, that could bring this country to an end.
    Lastly, Stephen I agree with you about the false pretenses of this war. We still dont have a clear picture as to why we went in, or how long we will be there. What IS clear, is that Iraq has repeatedly and unrepentantly broken UN weapons and nuclear power sanctions, and has never complied or been forthcoming with oversight committees regarding the same. Those are the facts. The UN officially recommended “strict” and “harsh” penalties for Iraq’s non-compliance the year before the US went in looking for WMD’s, yet they would not sanction the US’s efforts. WHY? no one knows. Stupid politics is most likely. The ultimate point here is that we had just cause to go in, and reason to fear the country and its leader who have been PROVEN to be linked with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist sects responsible for world wide attacks, including those on the US. These are the facts, nothing is circumstantial, and nothing is un-based. Make of it what you will.
    And Sal, youre just an idiot, so good luck with that.


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