Ideas and Post Content

Well, I did not like that ugly English post so I decided to post something. The problem is that I do not know what to post about! How do you, the blogger, come up with ideas and post content?

Lets see if people actually read this or I just get my usual one reader…


2 thoughts on “Ideas and Post Content

  1. driverrob

    How do I get ideas for posts?
    I browse for weird news on a few selected sites. The Hindustan Times/Life bizarre used to be my favourite until it became unreadable due to pop-ups.
    The rest are just about me, my life, my working day or things which have amused or upset me.

    I can’t relate to all you write, being English and about 3 times your age, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find many of your posts interesting. Keep up the good work.


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