Top 10 Queerest Video Game Characters

I was reading the the October issue of Electronic Gaming and they had an article on the gayest video game characters of all time. Here they are:

10. Raphael Sorel

9. Birdo

8. Zangief

7. Juhani

6. Don Flamenco

5. King of All Cosmos

4. Major Ivan Raidenovitch

3. Hana Tsu-Vachel & Rain Qin

2. Pierre and Gerard Magimel

and the queerest character of all!

1. Tingle – Zelda Series     Tingle

“You have to admit, Tingle made quite a questionable impression when he first floated into the Zelda Franchise in 2000. Being a 34-year-old-man-child who longs to a fairy doesn’t exactly help, either. And if htat weren’t fruity enough Tingle is now set to star in his own RPG in Japan entitled Tingle’s Fresh-Picked Rose-Tinted Rupee Land. Hell, it does not get much gayer than that. And while Tingle may not swe doll clothes or have a crotch-grab move, I think we can all agree he is rightfully the gayest character in videogames.” — Fruit Brute,

Read the magazine for more of the descriptions.


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