2 thoughts on “Internet!

  1. Stephen

    If you get comment notifcations mailed to yourself, it might explain the Gmail referer.

    That’s pretty sweet being on Google. I float back and forth with “New X-Files movie” and “Reality TV sucks” (hehe, it’s #1 right now) on the first page.

    For being relatively new at HTML, the layout looks pretty good. You probably could cut back on images/load time by CSS-ing it.

  2. ://

    I do not use gmail for this blog, so I would not be getting emails from here.
    You were on goolge first. But I was on google for something cooler. >_<
    I think the CSS is off or something, I am going to make the CSS this week – and hopefully the images! 

    Also on the first page of google for "downloading elders oblivion bearshare". wierd!


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