For my summer vacation I went to Colorado. This will be a journal entry thing that will tell you all about my visit. I might even post pictures!

1) I went to the Garden of the Gods. That was interesting. Their main attraction was a balancing rock. The problem was that this "balancing" rock was being held up by cement. Man-made-wonder if you ask me.

2) I went to Pikes Peak. That was fun. The best part was the fudge. Who cares about the mountain! I slept in the train on the ride back. I guess you can say it was a good view. The train ride was one and a half hours long each way so we were there for like four hours.

3) Sonic. Sorry had to post this. This is a good place to eat. I do not see them where I live so it is a different place to eat.

4) HAIL! Yes, at Colorada we had 2 hail storms. These were the first hail storms that I could remember. The first storm the hail was the size of quarters.

5) We went to a gold mine while in Colorado. This was the best attraction there. It was pretty fun. It was loud.  

I am back from Colorado now!


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