Free Will?

There is no such thing as free will. If there is then we have it fully. If we had free will why did God flood the Earth? If we had free will then God would not have killed almost everyone. I mean whoopie he said he would never <i>flood</i> the Earth again. Next time he will send blazing fire balls on the Earth.

(A little rambling)


2 thoughts on “Free Will?

  1. Shirley

    You’re right that we don’t have complete free will. I believe what is meant by that is that we have free will to choose godliness or to choose evil. No one chooses for us. We can decide to be the best person we can, or to let evil thoughts and tendencies capture us.

    I believe you will choose good and godliness. I hope so.



  2. zacgorak

    Wow, I never thought people would actually come here beside Stephen. >.<

    Thanks for the words of wisdom Shirley. 


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