OMFG!!!111!!!1 Skool is soo f'in boring. I mean we do nothing. U 2 can stop this if we boycott skool. Just do not go. K. We do not have math, science, SS, lit. nothing. OMG!!111!!!

This layout is coolie!!!111!

 (The text talk is an inside joke with me and my friend)


4 thoughts on “OMFG!!!111!!11!

  1. Tena

    It sound like you don’t like school. Am I correct? Have you considered Homeschooling? My boys love it! What grade are you in. You don’t have to tell me that if you don’t want to; it’s okay.

  2. zacgorak

    It is not that I do not like school it is that right now we do nothing in school. I am in 8th grade and everyone in the school knows that no matter what we go to high school. The teacher have no intrest in teaching. This whole school year we have not even been tought English.

    One of my friends is home schooled. My mom has a 1 year old so she is busy, but my brother wants to be homeschooled.

    By the way I go to a Catholic School, and I am very smart. (I am not one of those skater punks that neve like school) Honors Algebra 2 and everything.


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