“Holy” Colors

I now know why people were racist back in the old day against African Americans. They said it was b/c of religion. White means purity. So they thought Blacks were inpure. I think that is a bunch of Horse Shit. I am now never going to say white is pure or the holy color. No color is better than the other.If you had to have a "holy" color white is not it. It should be red or light blue b/c of the blood of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

I brought this up b/c of Silas in Da Vinci Code. He says he is holy b/c his skin is white like an angel


4 thoughts on ““Holy” Colors

  1. zacgorak

    I would not blame religion on all of intolerance just some. I am intolerant to people who can not speak English but live in America, and there is nothing religious going on there.

  2. Stephen

    Meh, maybe 99.9% was an exaduration, but religion still causes more intolerance and violence than people perceive.

    Technically we don’t have a national language so there’s no real reason someone CAN’T choose a primary language other than english. As nice as it would be to have some universal form of communication, the first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, so a national language will probably never happen.

  3. zacgorak

    Some but not all intolerance is made by religion. Iraq and terrism for example. We hate their guts b/c they blew our guts up.
    Global language I think will be the future. It will wipe away all the problems with trade and we will never need an interperater when the President has a meeting with China. That or a really complicated and expensive interperater device.
    Now people can still speak there own language, but when they talk to everyone else it will be the Global language. The Spaniards speak English and Spanish. I never said the Global Language had to be English either.


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