Proficiency Test

    Well, I am going to Carmel Catholic High School next school year. Alot of my friends are going, so it should not be that bad. On the 22nd I have to take a proficiency test for cumputers and math. The cumputer one will be the hardest because I you have to type 40 WPM with only two errors. I can do the 40 WPM but not with only two errors. In school currently we are "studying" for the math part. That is boring and it seems like a waste of time. You have to get a 75% or better to pass, so I do not think it will be that hard.


2 thoughts on “Proficiency Test

  1. Stephen

    Hey you finally got a blog! Isn’t WordPress awesome? WP won’t let you edit comments once they’re posted, I didn’t disable it or anything. Well, cya tomorrow.

  2. zacgorak

    I guess the “edit” is just for the admins. Thanks! I will probaly forget or get bored of this like everyother internet project I do. cya


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